The Rogue's Gallery

Chairman: Andrew Cawood

Yorkshire Rowing Council Chairman: Andrew Cawood.

I have been involved in the sport for 20 years, introduced to the sport like many at University, and have continued rowing and sculling at York City Rowing Club. My interest has now switched to coaching, and I have become a silver & level 3 coach, and coached two eight's into the Thames cup at Henley a crew to 19th in the Women's Head of the River Race and wins at the World Masters Rowing Championships.


Telephone: 07801 790418

Honorary Secretary: Barbara Edwards

Yorkshire Rowing Council Honorary Secretary: Barbara Edwards.

I have been involved in rowing for over 38 years and although back problems have prevented me from rowing I have been an active umpire for many years. I met my husband at Bradford ARC and together we have been involved in running the Bradford regattas and the Yorkshire Head. I am Secretary of Bradford ARC as well as Secretary for the Region.

Minutes Secretary: Claire Blackburn

Yorkshire Rowing Council Minutes Secretary: Claire Blackburn.

Honorary Treasurer, Hugh Brown

Yorkshire Rowing Council Honorary Treasurer, Hugh Brown.

Events Coordinator: Terry Edwards

Yorkshire Rowing Council Events Coordinator: Terry Edwards.

I started rowing at school, and decided that rowing was the sport for me. Due to injury I am not able to row, but I am currently coaching Juniors and Beginners at Bradford ARC. I am also a past Chairman of the Region, a position I relinquished on my election as Divisional Representative for the Region.

Safety Adviser: Howard Holmes

Yorkshire Rowing Council Safety Adviser: Howard Holmes.

Yorkshire Umpires Commission Chair: Fiona Polack

Yorkshire Umpires Commission Chair, Fiona Polack.

Coaching Commissioner: Position Vacant

Yorkshire Rowing Council Coaching Commissioner: Position Vacant.

Student Commissioner: Joel Kesterton

Yorkshire Rowing Council Student Commissioner: Joel Kesterton.

Junior Commissioner: Phil Press

Yorkshire Rowing Council Junior Commissioner: Phil Press.

Masters Commissioner: John Stoddard

Yorkshire Rowing Council Masters Commissioner: John Stoddard.

I started rowing at school and with Liverpool Victoria. Whilst at University I rowed with Tideway Scullers and then Royal Chester, Broxbourne and Severn Scullers before moving to Sheffield in 1970.


Explore Rowing: Howard Holmes

Yorkshire Rowing Council Explore Rowing Commissioner: Howard Holmes.

Yorkshire Head Secretary: Chris Polack

Yorkshire Head Secretary: Chris Polack.

I have been rowing on and off for the last 37 years. I am a member of York City Rowing Club and train regularly with the Leisure and Progression Group. I coach at York City and the University of York Boat Club. I hold a RYA level 2 Powerboat qualification ( I drive umpire launches at Multi - lane regattas and other national rowing events.