The Rogue's Gallery

Chairman: Gav Coates

Yorkshire Rowing Council Chairman: Gav Coates.

I learned to row 15 years ago at Bradford University and after graduating spent seven years working professionally as a coach for British Rowing and other schools/clubs across the West Midlands and North East. After a brief spell in the South I returned to Yorkshire where I went back to coaching rowing as a volunteer eventually settling in Hull where I now spend my time developing rowing in East Yorkshire.


Honorary Secretary: Barbara Edwards

Yorkshire Rowing Council Honorary Secretary: Barbara Edwards.

I have been involved in rowing for over 38 years and although back problems have prevented me from rowing I have been an active umpire for many years. I met my husband at Bradford ARC and together we have been involved in running the Bradford regattas and the Yorkshire Head. I am Secretary of Bradford ARC as well as Secretary for the Region.

Minutes Secretary: Claire Blackburn

Yorkshire Rowing Council Minutes Secretary: Claire Blackburn.

Honorary Treasurer, Hugh Brown

Yorkshire Rowing Council Honorary Treasurer, Hugh Brown.

Events Coordinator: Terry Edwards

Yorkshire Rowing Council Events Coordinator: Terry Edwards.

I started rowing at school, and decided that rowing was the sport for me. Due to injury I am not able to row, but I am currently coaching Juniors and Beginners at Bradford ARC. I am also a past Chairman of the Region, a position I relinquished on my election as Divisional Representative for the Region.

Safety Adviser: Howard Holmes

Yorkshire Rowing Council Safety Adviser: Howard Holmes.

Yorkshire Umpires Commission Chair: Fiona Polack

Yorkshire Umpires Commission Chair, Fiona Polack.

Coaching Commissioner: Position Vacant

Yorkshire Rowing Council Coaching Commissioner: Position Vacant.

Student Commissioner: Position Vacant

Yorkshire Rowing Council Student Commissioner: Position Vacant.

Junior Commissioner: Position Vacant

Yorkshire Rowing Council Junior Commissioner: Position Vacant.

Masters Commissioner: John Stoddard

Yorkshire Rowing Council Masters Commissioner: John Stoddard.

I started rowing at school and with Liverpool Victoria. Whilst at University I rowed with Tideway Scullers and then Royal Chester, Broxbourne and Severn Scullers before moving to Sheffield in 1970.


Explore Rowing: Position Vacant

Yorkshire Rowing Council Explore Rowing Commissioner: Position Vacant.

Yorkshire Head Secretary: Chris Polack

Yorkshire Head Secretary: Chris Polack.

I have been rowing on and off for the last 37 years. I am a member of York City Rowing Club and train regularly with the Leisure and Progression Group. I coach at York City and the University of York Boat Club. I hold a RYA level 2 Powerboat qualification ( I drive umpire launches at Multi - lane regattas and other national rowing events.